Chantal Hendrzak

Executive Director - Market Evolution
PJM Interconnection

Chantal-Aimee N. Hendrzak, executive director - Market Evolution, PJM Interconnection, is responsible for all Operations Support activities for PJM’s efficient and reliable operation and coordination of the bulk power system  including  modeling, the management of real time data, outage coordination, generator interconnections and deactivations, transaction scheduling, transmission analysis, and regional and seasonal studies.

Ms. Hendrzak also held the position of director, Applied Solutions, responsible for sourcing, evaluating, leveraging, and supporting the adoption and implementation of advanced solutions for the operation of the bulk power transmission system and the operation of all related markets. 

Ms. Hendrzak was also the director of International Relations for PJM, responsible for developing, managing, and leveraging PJM’s international relationships.

Previously, Ms. Hendrzak held the position of manager of the Operations Development Department within the Operations Division responsible for leading the development and enhancement of applications used in real-time operations.   Prior to that, she was a project leader coordinator in the Information Services Division.

Prior to joining PJM, Ms. Hendrzak was a manager at Accenture (formerly Andersen Consulting) aligned with the utility industry and employed by American Power Conversion.

Ms. Hendrzak earned her Bachelor of Science in business and french from Albright College and Master of Business Administration through The Pennsylvania State University.  She also sits on an Academic Advisory Board for The Pennsylvania State School of Graduate Professional Studies – Engineering Division.